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In my experience, the mettle and effectiveness of a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) consultant lies not only in what they do, but also in how they do it. 

Candid & Clear.

I promise that I will always tell it like it is. If your organization has a white supremacy problem, I’ll name it. If your organization’s DEI program isn’t resourced enough to achieve what it’s been tasked to do, I’ll tell you. My goal isn’t to inconvenience or try to embarrass senior leaders, but to create impactful change, which can only be achieved through transparency. The faster we can honestly name what’s happening, the faster we can set up organizations and their leaders for success.

One size never fits all.

I’m not interested in cookie-cutter solutions and neither should you. Every service I provide, from strategy consulting to executive coaching to DEI education, is designed to take my client’s unique situation into account in creating a high-impact end product. No two talks, strategy discussions, or coaching/roundtable sessions ever look the same. Customization also takes time. Please don’t come to me if you need something off-the-shelf, to be delivered in two days. I am not the consultant for you.

Every challenge requires insights.

My work is more than services offered; it’s challenges being resolved. To do so I need insight, so I get deeply curious about every problem I’m confronted with and find answers by digging in and asking questions. Expect any partnership with me to involve exploratory work with quantitative and qualitative data (both are necessary) and close collaboration to make sense of your organization’s story. I’m going to ask a lot of questions. They’re helpful and essential, I assure you.

Systemic first, Individual secondary.

My primary specialty is getting to the heart of organizational and DE&I problems, formulating strategies to solve them, and empowering leaders to carry out effective, high-impact change. Though I offer personalized training for everyone or get into the weeds of changing individual hearts and minds, what I will really challenge is how your organization can function better to help your employees of marginalized identities. I rather spend time helping you create tactics and policy to support your organization’s DEI goals which will work regardless of an individual’s personal change. 

If you’re only looking for a facilitator to lead an emotional conversation or a workshop trainer to train your entire workplace, I may not be the right consultant for you.

About Me: Text


As a Leader/People Management:

She's always had a passion for positive team morale and employee growth. Finding herself a reluctant champion of increasing awareness for diversity and inclusion in her corporate role, she quickly recognized the correlation to a company's inclusion shortcomings and their product and employee stagnation. Leading as Chair of various DEI Councils and committees, she understands the challenges of kickstarting organizational change from within.

As a DEI Practitoner:

Clarissa has spent the last five years bootstrapping DEI initiatives, producing trainings and advising executives in the tech space locally and nationally. She’s been featured in Austin Woman magazine for On The Dot Diversity, was a 2019 D&I Leader finalist for Div Inc’s Champion of Change Awards and currently serves on its Selection Committee to recognize other unsung heroes in the local DEI space.

As an Author of Color:

She’s the founder of the Inclusive Romance Project — a non-profit organization focused on providing career growth and safe spaces for marginalized romance authors. She’s obsessed with creating a positive workplace culture where creatives and professionals alike can thrive. She also mentors young professionals of color and produces DEI workshops related to the author/publishing community.

Subject Matter Specializations:

  • Mentorship Programs and Sponsorship

    • Experience: Planning, Creating and Execution

    • Environment(s): Corporate (Tech) & Non-Profit organizations

  • Diversity Council/Committee Creation and responsibilities

    • Experience: Planning, Creating and Execution

    • Environment(s): Corporate (Tech) & Non-Profit organizations

  • DEI Education (Social Identities, Anti-racism)

    • Experience: Planning, Creating and Execution

    • Environment(s): Corporate (Tech) & Non-Profit organizations (Publishing)

  • Policy reform, Governance

    • Experience: Planning, Creating and Execution

    • Environment(s): Corporate (Tech) & Non-Profit organizations (Publishing)

Professional Memberships:

  • SHRM® Member

  • PMI® Member

Accredited Certifications:

University of California, Irvine: Diversity & Inclusion for HR Professionals Certificate

University of South Florida: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate

The Wharton School, University of Pennslyvania: People Analytics Certificate

About Me: About
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